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COVID-19:District Pathankot Complete Helpline Numbers Karyana Medical and Volunteer list(Updated 01-05-2020) 

COVID-19:Medical shops  List (Home delivery )

COVID-19:Karyana Shops List (Home Delivery)

COVID-19 :Ambulance Final List

COVID-19 Public order by District Administration Pathankot

COVID-19Revised guidelines for people coming into punjab by all means of transport international as well as domestic(Dated-25.05.2020)

COVID-19 Advisory for Barber Shop and Saloon (Dated:22.05.2020)

COVID-19 Order Regarding Removal of Containment zones in Distt. Pathankot(Dated:22.05.2020)

COVID-19 Punjab Govt. Notification Regarding movement of public service vehicles (non transport)(Dated:20.05.2020)

COVID-19:Revised orders regarding opening of liquor shops in Distt. Pathankot(Dated-18-05-2020)

COVID-19 Revised Relaxation order as per new guidelines of Government(Dated:18.05.2020)

COVID-19 MHA Order extension(Dated:17.05.2020)

COVID-19 SOP Revised Discharge policy(Dated:14.05.2020)

COVID-19 Revised order regarding opening of shops ( 7 AM to 06 PM)(Dated:14.05.2020)

COVID-19 Regarding screening of persons coming into the state without being screened(Dated:14.05.2020))

COVID-19 Order regarding functioning of mines and minerals and activities incidental to mining operations from 7 AM to 6 PM(Dated-14.05.2020)

COVID-19 Relaxation regarding opening of hotels, restaurants, dhabas, eateries(Dated:13.05.2020)

COVID-19 Guidelines for Hotel Quarantine(Dated: 12.05.2020)

COVID-19 Guidlines for Inter or Intra State Movement (Dated: 11.05.2020)

COVID-19:DM Pathankot Orders regarding open shops timing during Curfew (Dated-07.05.2020)

COVID-19:Relaxation cancellation order for Mohalla Eidgah, ward no.12, sujanpur & for mohalla jalakhri (kabir Nagar), ward no. 08, sujanpur, Pathankot(Dated-05.05.2020)

COVID-19:Containment Zone order for Mohalla Jalakhari (Kabir Nagar), Sujanpur(Dated-05.05.2020)

COVID-19:Containment Zone order for Mohalla Eidgah, Sujanpur (City)(Dated-05.05.2020)

COVID-19:Final Consolidated order regarding opening of shops on rotation basis(Dated: 04.05.2020)

COVID-19:Lockdown 3.0 Permitted Activities in Punjab (04.05.2020-17.05.2020)

COVID-19:Advice for special care for senior citizen during an epidemic(Dated-03.05.2020)

COVID-19:Annexure related to COVID 19(Dated-02.05.2020)

COVID-19:Functionality of Covid 19 Awareness & Monitoring Programme in Distt. Pathankot(Dated-02.05.2020) :

COVID-19Updated Order of special duty magistrates at nakas point for maintaining law and order(Dated-02.05.2020)

COVID-19:Order regarding smooth working in quarantine centre’s(Dated-01.05.2020)

COVID-19:Order regarding screening of persons coming from outside(Dated-01.05.2020)

COVID-19:Order Regarding Mines mineral production(Dated-01.05.2020)

COVID-19:permission oders  regarding Shops (Dated-01.05.2020)

COVID-19:order regarding opening of shops in Distt. Pathankot(Dated-01.05.2020)

COVID-19:Movement of Persons who want to go their home states from Punjab(Dated-30.04.2020)

COVID-19:MHA Order on movement of migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, students and other persons(Dated-29.04.2020)

COVID-19:Guidelines for Home Isolation of very mild pre symptomatic COVID19 cases(Dated-28.04.2020)

COVID-19:DM Pathankot Orders regarding State of punjab entry points only this Naka (Dated-28.04.2020)

COVID-19:Regarding Screening of all persons coming into punjab(Dated:27.04.2020)

COVID-19:Containment order relaxation/cancellation order for Mamun, ward no. 20(Dated-25.04.2020)

COVID-19:Order Regarding National Students stuck abroad willing to come back India(Dated-25.04.2020)

COVID-19:Regarding SOP for Special duty officers(Dated-25.04.2020)

COVID-19:Guidelines advisory regarding sanitization cleanliness of offices(Dated-24.04.2020)

COVID-19:Consolidated order(Dated-24.04.2020)

COVID-19:Online provision to permission to run the industry during curfew(Dated-23.04.2020)

COVID-19:DM Pathankot Orders regarding gangaa Mangaa karyana store(Dated-23.04.2020)

COVID-19:Order regarding Relaxation to TATA Sandhu Motors for repair of Chintpurni Medical College ambulances buses vans from dated 24 april to 27 april 2020.(Dated-23.04.2020)

COVID-19:Order regarding distribution of grocery kits through All cluster incharges and special duty magistrates etc(Dated:22.04.2020)

Covid-19:Orders Regarding relaxation to Flour Mills(Dated:21.04.2020)

COVID-19:Order regarding opening of central office by DM pathankot(Dated:20.04.2020)

COVID-19:MHA Order regarding SOP for movement of stranded labour within the State and UT(Dated-19.04.2020)

COVID-19:Curfew relaxation to farmers(Dated-19.04.2020)

COVID-19:Orders Regarding Establishment of Care Center and its functionality(Dated-18.04.2020)

COVID-19:Duty orders of Civil Defence Volunteers (Dated:18.04.2020)

COVID-19:DM Pathankot Orders Regarding Mamun Containment Plan(Dated-17.04.2020)

COVID-19:Revised Consolidated Guidelines(15.04.2020)

COVID-19:Orders regarding relaxation in curfew to farmers and others(Dated-14.04.2020)

COVID-19:Order regarding village bagial Pathankot Containment Plan(Dated-14.04.2020)

COVID-19:DM Pathankot Orders Regarding Anandpur Rara,Pathankot(Dated-14.04.2020)

COVID-19:DM Pathankot Orders for sarti Tikka Trotwan(Dated-14.04.2020)

COVID-19:DM Pathankot Orders regarding harvesting of wheat(Dated-13.04.2020)

COVID-19:Standard Oprating Procedure SOP (Dated-13.04.2020)

COVID-19:New Curfew Orders And Revised List Of Karyana and Medical Stores (Dated:12.04.2020)

COVID-19:Orders regarding sarti, Tikka Trotwan,Dharkalan, Pathankot Containment Plan (Dated-12.04.2020)

COVID-19:Orders Regarding Anandpur Rara,Pathankot Containment Plan(Dated-10.04.2020)

COVID-19:Precautions from covid 19(Dated-10.04.2020)

COVID-19:Disposal of Unclaimed Dead Bodies of COVID 19 patients(Dated-10.04.2020)

COVID-19:DM pathankot Orders regarding Shahpur kandi, Jugial Containment Plan(Dated-10.04.2020)

COVID-19:Sujanpur City Zone wise Map(Dated-08.04.2020)

COVID-19:DM PATHANKOT Orders regarding Isolation and quarntine facilities(Dated-08.04.2020)

COVID-19:Resource Material for Capacity Building of Healthcare Professionals for COVID 19 Cantonment.(Dated-08.04.2020)

COVID-19:Wastes Guidelines(Dated-08.04.2020)

COVID-19:Final Guidanceon Mangaementof Covid cases version(Dated-08.04.2020)

COVID-19:iGOT DIKSHA Platfom Circular (Dated-08.04.2020)

COVID-19:FAQ Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Package Insurance Schemefor Health Workers Fighting(Dated-08.04.2020)

COVID-19:Letter Guidelines Dead Body Management (Dated-05.04.2020)

COVID-19:DM Pathankot Order regarding Sujanpur Citizen(Dated-04.04.2020)

COVID-19:DM Pathankot Order Regarding COVID 19(Dated-04.04.2020)

COVID-19:DM Pathankot Order Regarding COVID 19(Dated-03.04.2020)

COVID-19:Order regarding Computer teachers Duty for data entry(Dated-01.04.2020)

COVID-19:Regrding order for bank timing(Dated-29.03.2020)

COVID-19:Order regarding Curfew relaxation beekeepers silk worm farmers (Dated-30.03.2020)

COVID-19:DM Pathankot Orders for relaxation in curfew(Dated-28.03.2020)

COVID-19:Price Marking and Display order by DFSC Pathankot(Dated-27.03.2020)

COVID-19:Relaxation in curfew order regarding smooth functioning of Agro chemical and Agro input services(Dated-27.03.2020)

COVID-19:Order Regarding Relaxation to cold Stores in curfew(Dated-27.03.2020)

COVID-19:Order regarding Relaxation in curfew to Hill Top Printing Press, Pathankot(Dated-27.03.2020)

COVID-19:Bank Relaxation during Cerfew (Dated-27.03.2020)

COVID-19:Regarding relaxation in curfew to Petrol pump and LPG distributor.(Dated-25.03.2020)

COVID-19:Orders regarding Petrol Pumps and LPG(Dated-24.03.2020)

COVID-19:Order regarding Karyana Stores Poultry Feed animal fodder Milk Dairies(Dated-24.03.2020)

COVID-19:Order Regarding Hospitals and chemist.(Dated-24.03.2020)

COVID-19:Order regarding Curfew Relaxation in District Pathankot(Dated-23.03.2020)

COVID-19 District Management Plan

COVID-19:Management plan