Emergency Services

Disaster Management in Pathankot

Disaster Management falls under the jurisdiction of the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Pathankot. The DC, as the head of the administration in Pathankot, has been entrusted by law to take appropriate measure in case any natural or man-made disaster takes place in the areas under his jurisdiction. It may not be out of context to add that flash floods are very common occurrence in Pathankot and hence one should not hesitate to contact the authorities if .he/she has to face such a situation any time any day.

Flood Control Room: 0167-222-4517


Police Force in Pathankot

One of the most important emergency service providers in Pathankot is its Police Force. It has been acclaimed for its selfless services even in the pre-independent days. Their mission is not only to protect the life and property of the citizens, but also to enhance the quality of their life. To serve such an end, the department, which runs under the aegis of a Senior Superintend of Police, has opened up a number of help lines. In case of any emergency, the residents as well as visitors are welcome to call on them at the following numbers:

Police Control Room at Pathankot:

Phone No: 0186-234-5514, 0186-234-5516, 0186-234-5518
Toll Free No: 100

Office of the Senior Superintendent of Police, Pathankot

Block: C, DAC, Malikpur Chownk
City: Pathankot
District: Pathankot
Pin Code: 145001
Mobile No: 87280-33500
Email: sspptk(at)gmail[dot]com

District Police Headquarters, Pathankot:

Office of the Superintendent of Police
Phone No: 0186-222-0070
Fax: 0186-222-0388
Mobile No: 88720-33400

Other important police numbers in Pathankot

Other than the above, following are some other phone numbers that may help one to contact the police force in case of an emergency:

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP): 0186-223-5996
Division I located on Railway Road: 0186-222-0036
Division II located on Saili road: 0186-225-0990
Police Station on Saili Road: 0186-224-4008
Sadar Pathankot: 0186-224-5006

Fire Stations in Pathankot

There are few things that can be as devastating as fire. To counter the hazard that unattended fire can cause to the life and property of the residents, Pathankot Fire Department has opened up two fire stations in the city. Following are the contact details of the fire stations in Pathankot:

Fire Station on Mission Road (located near ME Office): 0186-222-0420

Fire Station in Model Town: 0186-222-0101

Ambulance Service in Pathankot

Often a thin thread hangs between life and death. Often patients die before he/she can be transferred to a hospital. It is indeed, vital that we should have the phone numbers of the nearest ambulance service providers at hand. Following are the contact numbers of few of the ambulance service providers in Pathankot:

Baba Shri Chand Trust: 99148-87633
Bharat Vikash Parishad: 0186-222-4498, 0186-222-3798, 98141-73798
Civil Hospital: 0186-222-0180, 0186-222-4564
Hindu Sikh Ekta Club: 0186-222-8979
Pathankot Vikash Manch: 0186-229-0357

Blood Bank in Pathankot

Apart from timely ambulance service, another important life saving commodity is blood. In some cases, timely infusion of blood can also make a difference between life and death. Fortunately, there are two blood banks in Pathankot. Among them the first one is run by the Government of Punjab and is located in the Civil Hospital. The other is the Military Hospital Blood Bank run by the army. Following are their contact details:

Civil Hospital Blood Bank, Pathankot:

Office Numbers: 0186-222-4905, 0186-222-0180, 222-1637
Mobile number of the In-Charge of the Blood Bank: 98143-72924
Mobile number of the LT of the Blood Bank: 94174-02185,

Military Hospital Blood Bank: 0186-22396, Extension: 6369

Chemists in Pathankot


Other than ambulance and blood, to counter any health related emergency, one needs to get medicines as fast as possible. Fortunately, there is no dearth of chemists in Pathankot. Every locality of the city has a number of chemists, which keep every types of life saving medicines.