List of Services

S.No. Detail of Work Branch of DC Office Competent Officer
1 All works related Arms Licenses LPA Branch ADC(G)
2 New Passport or Citizenship LFA Branch Ld.DC
3 Countersigning of documents for sending to foreign embassies Reader to ADC ADC(G)
4 Magistrate inquiry about
some incident, prisoner’s death/ under trial’s death
Reader to ADC ADC(G)
5 Prisoner’s Parole/ Farlo or early release regarding Reader to ADC ADC(G)
6 Magistrate inquiry against police officers u/s 16.38 Pb. Police Rules PA to DC Ld. DC
7 Police support for Nishandehi, Kabza Warrant or implementation of decision of Revenue Court Reader to DC Ld. DC
8 Special Marriage/ Un-married certificate, criminal case of parties or taking back vehicles captured by police Reader to DC Ld. DC
9 Nambardar’s post creation, appointment, suspension etc. Reader to DC Ld. DC
10 Cases relating to Loss of Life/Property due to natural calamities DRA (T) LADC(G)
11 Land Acquisition or Collector’s rates of land Sadar Kanugo Branch DRO
12 Licence for stamp vendor/ Wasika Navis HRC Branch DRO
13 Work relating to registered document in the district 12 years ago RKVO Branch DRO
14 Work relating to Revenue record made by Patwaries Sadar Kanugo Branch DRO
15 Financial help due to accident or human error MA Branch ADC(G)
16 Dependant certificate after death of Govt. official MA Branch ADC(G)
17 Cinema/ Video Parlour licence or Printing Press/News paper/Magazine’s title relating MA Branch ADC(G)
18 Character verification of Civil/Military/Para-Military officials MA Branch AC(G)
19 Bus Pass for handicapped DSSO DSSO
20 Govt. facilities for terrorist affected families RRA Branch ADC(G)
21 Govt. facilities for war shaheed/ freedom fighters or their dependents RRA Branch ADC(G)
22 For Type/Photostat/STD/
Juice or coffee bar in court complex
DN Branch Ld. DC
23 Public grievances against someone C&EA Brach AC(Gr)
24 Copy of revenue record of some document or decision of DDPO or revenue court of the district ADC(D) Branch ADC(D)
25 Any work relating to local bodies or Municipal Councils LFA Branch ADC(G)
26 Work relating to Lok Sabha/ Vidhan Sabha elections Election Tehsildar Ld. DC
27 Works relating to Rural Development ADC(D) Branch ADC(D)
28 Works relating to elections of Municipal Councils/ Panchayats ADC(D) Branch ADC(D)