1. Active Blood Contributors.  ( A platform in which Database of the Blood Donor of Different Blood groups was make public so that in case of emergency ,the person who needs blood can directly contact to the donor.)
  2. Self Help Group Make in Punjab. (Project was designed for the self help Group of Punjab to Showcased their Products across the Globe as there was no other Such application was designed or developed. )
  3. eBasta (E-Basta is a framework to make Punjab school Education Board books accessible in gital form as e-books to be read and used on smartphones,tablets and laptops. )
  4. Angdaan (Angdaan is a web based application with objective to encourage the citizens of district pathankot to register as the organ donors and to make the organ available for a person in need to save life.)
  5. Sewa Mein (The Sewa Mein act as a bridge between urban poor and middle and higher income groups who are accessing various services like security, carpentry, gardening, construction,mbing, electrical work, health care support, housekeeping which in turn is provided byUrban Poor.)
  6. Farm to Home (Farm to Home a web application, is a platform for the farmer to sell & consumers to buy fresh product directly from farms without any inter mediator at best price.)