Dhar Nature Retreat and Awareness Camp

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Dhar Nature Retreat and Awareness Camp
Location: Dhar Kalan, Pathankot
Distance from Pathankot: 32kms.
The Dhar Forest and Ranjit Sagar Lake extends over Dunera and Dhar Forest Ranges of
Pathankot Forest Division. All these forest areas are in the form of blocks varying in size
interspersed with other categories of land use. This forest has pristine beauty which so far has
been protected from human depredation. The lakefront offers a great picturesque view for the nature lovers.
In 2020, Pathankot forest division recognized an increased need for the conservation, protection and raising awareness about this highly biodiverse region and set up first of its kind nature awareness camp near Chamrod Village which is run by Village Forest Committee (VFC), Chamrod, Dhar.
The nature camp is grounded in the principle that local communities’ ownership rights and empowerment to govern the resource on which they depend must be recognized.

Features of the camp

  • Four all weather resort tents with attached bathrooms for camping offering the best
    views of the serene landscape.
  • Nature trails in the forest adjoining lake areas.
  •  Panels and hoarding with information on birds, fish and animals positioned
    systematically all along the trails.
  •  Boat ride down the Ranjit Sagar Lake giving an opportunity to take a closer look at
    nature and its surroundings in original form with the provision of providing life jackets
    and safety kits.
  •  State of the art interpretation centre to showcase augmented reality-based animal shows
    and documentaries on environment conservation, wetlands and climate change.
  •  Training for nature guides for bird watching and other aspects of floral and faunal
  •  Comprehensive waste management for the effective management of solid waste.
  • A watchtower cum tree house.

Activities at the camp: Food Carts, Horse Riding, Boating, Guided tour of nature trail
For booking huts contacts: Ashok (Manager)- , Ashwani (Range Officer, Dhar)

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    Dhar Nature Retreat and Awareness Camp
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How to Reach:

By Air

Pathankot can be reached by Air from Delhi. The nearest airport is at the distance of 5 km from city.The tourist place is at the distance of 36 km from airport.

By Train

Pathankot is well connected with railway network. The nearest railway station from tourist place is 32 km.

By Road

he tourist place can easily reached by road.The distance of the place by road from ISBT Pathankot is 54 Km