Kathlour Wildlife Sanctuary

Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Kathlour Wildlife Sanctuary is a safe haven for a number of wildlife species. It is home to deer, porcupine, pangolin, chital, sambhar, hog deer, barking deer, black partridge, grey partridge, python, spotted owlet, parakeet (rose ringed), White humped vulture etc. Tourists are allowed to visit the sanctuary and take a peek into the world of animals and birds. It lets people to see the wildlife in its natural zone with minimal interference. To control human activity and protect the natural space the wildlife is divided into 3 zones- Eco-sensitive, buffer and the core zone. Tourists are not allowed to go beyond the eco-sensitive zone. The main refuge of wildlife is the core zone which is a protected zone.

To provide the tourists with a unique experience an 11-seater improvised golf cart, which is a pollution and noise free vehicle is made available to take the visitors around the sanctuary. A 5-km long nature trail has also been established. Private vehicles have been banned but a dozen bicycles beckon the tourists.

There is an island in the middle of the area. A cafeteria, too, has been constructed. To have a perfect view of the surroundings visitors can climb atop either of the two 30-feet towers.


During Summer

April to September- 8:00 am to 12 noon & 4:00 pm to 7 pm



October to March- 9 am to 5pm

Open all days of week

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How to Reach:

By Air

Pathankot can be reached by Air from Delhi. The nearest airport is at the distance of 5 km from city.The tourist place is at the distance of 27 km from airport.

By Train

Pathankot is well connected with railway network. The nearest railway station from tourist place is 23 km.

By Road

The tourist place can easily reached by road.The distance of the place by road from ISBT Pathankot is 25 Km